Accounting Job Options

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Accounting Job Options

Accounting Job Options

Accounting by far is one of the best career choices that are in the world today. It is a unique job and so far among the most high paying and promising.

Types of Accounting Jobs

Managerial or corporate cost accountants. They document statements about the financial position of a company and later submitting them to the management for decision making purposes. The salary scale ranges from $38000-$62000 annually depending on your experience but with those in much higher position earning even up to over $350000 annually.

Forensic accountants are charged with investigating criminal activities in the accounting world like embezzlement of funds or illegal acquisition of funds. These salaries range from $30000-$150000 annually depending ones years of experience.

Internal auditors assess financial statement of a company to ascertain that they are managed efficiently and legally. Their salaries range from $40000-$80000 annually and this also will depend with the accountant's position in the firm.

External auditor/public accountants assess financial statements of companies to ascertain whether they give a true and fair view of the company's financial position. They may also offer other services such as financial management advice. Their salary to depend on their position and it ranges from $70000-$200000 annually.

Government accountants track funds for a state or city to ensure that the society receives and manages the funds in an efficient manner. Their salary will depend on whether they are working for federal, state or local government. Working for the federal government typically has a higher earning potential compared to counterparts working for the state or city government.

Academic Qualifications

To be an accountant is not that taxing. You need to have a degree in finance and a professional qualifications from any recognized professional body. Having passed the CPA exam for your state is also very useful when trying to attract potential employers..

Advantages of Being in the Accounting Field

1. There are typically plenty of jobs in the accounting field and most of the time they are readily available in your local area.

2. On average it is one of the higher paying jobs in the world.

3. It's a global position in that with your qualifications you can work any where regardless of your nationality since most accounting concepts are the same.

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