Finding the right job for You

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  2. November 5, 2012 1:31 pm

Finding the right job for You

What determines the right job for you.

What is the list of criteria for your ideal job?

Start with focusing  on the things you really like to do or really care about.

What are the thing that you have dreamed doing.  Think about the things that you are naturally good at and enjoy doing.

Write down the things that you enjoy in your life.  No matter how small or crazy they may seem, you should still write them down.   It may give you an idea of what jobs that you should focus on.

Always be aware of clues that may happen in your life.  Think about people that inspire you and how they live their life and what career paths they have taken.

Think about why certain things make you happy.  Why do you enjoy these activities.

Patience is a virtue.  Nothing happens overnight.  Take some time to research different options.  When you find the right path it will have been worth all the time and effort that you took to figure out what you want out of a job and what it it that you really enjoy doing.

If you enjoy what you do for a job is it really work?


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