Rules of a great boss

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  2. February 3, 2013 12:36 am

Rules of a great boss

Best Boss Rules

Just because someone is leading a team doesn't necessarily mean that they are a great boss. They may be a boss who gets the work done one time by shouting at their employees and may not be well liked. If you see any top leader in any field you will find that they are not just great leaders but they are a great boss which of their employees appreciate and look up too.

Motivate and Appreciate

If an employee does well a normal boss will believe it's his success as he did good managing but a great boss will always appreciate his employee with words like good job or keep it up for anything good and they motivate them to do even better. Great bosses never insult in public: If an employee makes mistake then a great boss will always talk to them in a polite manner with in a closed or separate environment so the employee don't feel humiliated or insulted. Even if boss needs to shout at their employee a great boss would never do that in public and he would do that only in exceptional cases.

Believe in Employees

Great bosses believe in their employees and give them responsibility to do things on their own and just supervise it. Its help to build confidence in employee and it build trust between boss and employees. Great bosses know with responsibility an average performer also can do even better.

Deal with Problems

A great boss deals with problem directly and quickly. If their team has any kind of problems they involve themselves in it. They quickly analyze the situation and come up with solutions.

Take responsibility for their teams actions

Every boss takes credit for the success of team but those bosses who take responsibly of teams failure also are the one who can be called as great boss and this attribute makes those bosses well liked.

Anyone can be a boss but being a boss whom everyone likes is quite different. By applying some of these rules and taking the attitude on treating others the way that you want to be treated will go a long way in being looked at as a great boss.

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