Useful tips to follow in a Job Interview

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  2. January 29, 2013 9:02 pm

Useful tips to follow in a Job Interview

Job Interview Tips

People all over the world search for different jobs and in the process they have to face many interviews. When a person gives an interview, his main aim is to crack the interview and secure the job. In the process, he has to compete with his numerous counterparts to prove himself the best. In an interview, apart from knowledge, your attitude, etiquette and behavior are essentially important to create your good impression on the interviewer. How you dress, how you greet the interviewer, how you walk in and what you bring for the interview, are all important aspects that helps to secure a job for you. There is a certain interview etiquette to be followed while appearing for an interview and following these rules might land you a great job.

1. First and foremost, never be late for an interview. Keeping your interviewer waiting will give them the impression that you do not plan for contingencies and will usually be late for work if they hire you.

2. Dress formally, in a business attire. No matter how casual the job be, your formal self representation will definitely have a good impact on the interviewer's mind.

3. Look into the eye and answer all queries patiently. This exudes confidence and every organization wants to hire such people.

4. Bring all relevant documents, their photocopies, extra copies of your resume to avoid any complications.

5. Switch off your cellphones before entering the interview room. No one likes to be disturbed during any serious conversation.

6. Greet your interviewer with a light yet firm handshake. If asked, then give a brief introduction of yourself.

7.Ignore body language. Be very sure to avoid any type of hand or body gesture which might annoy the interviewer.

8. Do not expose your nervousness rather put up a moderate smile on your face.

There are surely a lot more tips but following these will definitely augment your chances of impressing the person on the other side of the table and getting the job.

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