The goal of  Jobs Owl is to be a jobs and employment information resource to help you achieve a better job or be more effective in your current one. Knowledge is a very powerful tool when you are trying to make a good first impression in an interview or excelling at your current job.   Feel free to use this site as an information tool. Information on how to apply and interview for a job or how to approach your co-workers as you work along side them everyday. If you would like to write an article about Jobs, Careers or Employment information and submit it too us please feel free to do so.  Maybe you have an idea or question about job related topics and would like to see an article written about a certain topic please let us know.      


Education for Job

Education for Jobs

Great Boss

What is it that you like about your boss? What makes them a great boss? What do they do that sets them apart?

Interview Etiquette

How to act and respond during a job interview.

Job Loss

How to cope with the loss of a job. Ideas and ways to overcome losing a job.

Job Options

How to decide what is the right job or career field for you to pursue.

Job Promotion

Are you promotable? Do you have what it takes to be promoted. Ideas on what you can do to fast track being promoted

Resume Building

Best practices for building your resume.