Chicago IL

A Closer Look at Chicago Jobs

Chicago is the third largest city in the US as well as the most populated in the state of Illinois and third in the United States. Being a metropolitan region, it has close to 2.7 million residents and a 9.8 million total population. Chicago was ranked seventh in the world in 2012 as a global city; this is in regard to its being a center of industrial, finance, transportation, telecommunications and commerce. Since 2000, Chicago has recorded the biggest number of expanded as well as new economic corporations placing it among world's richest cities. Despite the fact that Chicago is the fastest growing city in the US, finding a job has been quite tough for many people with an estimated 391,000 unemployed as in June 2012.

Chicago city council has been blamed for reduced employment opportunities due to not opening up the city to aggressive business companies that can employ dozens of the jobless population. Loss of manufacturing jobs is yet another setback in jobs availability in Chicago city as well as recession has seen the City's employment decline continuously. Some of the major companies in Chicago that have helped reduce the unemployment menace are construction and architecture; with the rapid growth this sector has boosted employment levels quite well. Others are real estate, consumer goods, education, Music equipment, banks and other financial institutions.

New job creation in Chicago is underway with internet expertise taking the front line In addition, anyone planning to work in Chicago and get a good job for that matter needs to at least attain a master's degree as it comes in handy in showing proper understanding that translates to performance. This goes without saying that getting education to the highest levels possible will help in job creation and hence reduce unemployment.

In Chicago the internet has improved the pace of creating new jobs thus employment percentages are going up, however the quality of these jobs is what is being questioned. Internet based jobs have been created ranging from marketing to engineering that may require less qualification as compared to other jobs.

Overall the city of Chicago seems to be focused on what they can do to help achieve lower unemployment and bring jobs back to the city. Not every jobs is going to be the highest paid but the fact that the city is focusing on overall job growth is a positive step in the right direction.