Los Angeles CA

Well-paying Jobs in Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the US after New York City. It is located in Southern California and had a population of close to three million residents by the 2010 census. It is also one of the most economically productive cities in the country, and also in the world. The los Angeles-Santa-Ana-Long Beach metropolitan area alone has a GMP of 735.7 billion. This clearly indicates that L.A is one of the best places to seek for employment.

The major employers in L.A

Los Angeles is also known as the world’s center of creativity. By 2010, one in every six L.A residents worked in the creative industry. The economy here is driven by the entertainment industry, international trade, apparel, fashion, petroleum, aerospace and technology. The top employers in the city as of 2010 included Northrop Grumman, Fox entertainment Group, Farmers Insurance Group, and Kaiser Permanente. Besides that, the industrial sector also employees quite a number of people. Over half a million of L.A residents work in the manufacturing industries. Sports are also another major source of jobs and income in L.A.

Why people seek jobs in Los Angeles CA.

There are very many reasons why people seek for employment in L.A. To start with, as per the statistics mentioned, there are lots of employment opportunities in the city. From the creative industry to manufacturing and educational services and healthcare, the list of open jobs is simply endless.

Secondly, the city has an amazing transport and communication network. It is served by a complex system of freeways and highways. It is easier for commuters to get to work in Los Angeles than it is in other major US cities which increase productivity. Due to the high GMP, the salaries that are paid even for menial jobs are good enough. Lastly, accommodation options, public education and health care systems in the city are really affordable.

There are very few employment opportunities in the country that can match getting jobs in Los Angeles CA.