Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis Quality of Living and Job Market

Minneapolis is well known for a variety of different things including being one of the infamous "Twin Cities". Along with the city of St.Paul, they both sprouted from settlements around the Mississippi River. Presently, it is rated above average in quality of life, specifically when it is compared to schools, crime, healthcare, employment and wages in other cities within the United States. One of its top features in education includes the attractive University of Minneapolis campus, which is one of the largest Universities in the United States. As a whole, the city is considered to be more progressive as well as liberal.

Minneapolis Job Market

This city has been able to withstand the recent recession well, since they have a mixture of technology, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. This region is known as a leader in healthcare (i.e. 19 health and medical institutions along with 61 research and clinical labs) and it employs approximately 12,000 staff members, 2,300 physicians and 250 researchers. Also, under this diverse umbrella, they are able to handle a wide range of critical areas include medical technology, information technology, bioscience, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and food manufacturing. As a result, the unemployment rate for the city stays below the 9% mark. In the year 2012, unemployment rate for Minneapolis was below 6% percent. Due to the growth in jobs and the present figures, the city is currently near pre-recession unemployment rates.

Top Companies in Minneapolis

For those who are looking for a job position or a new career in Minneapolis, everyone should do their homework prior to doing their job search. Among some of the most attractive open positions in the area, they may find positions in a wide variety of different industries like health care. For instance, the job seeker may choose a job position in the HealthEast Care System, Allina Health System, or the CentraCare Health System, since they are the three top largest employers in the area. On the other hand, if their interest is in other industries, they may find a job position in SMSC Gaining Enterprise, Polaris Industries Inc, Accenture or Comcast, which are all on the top 10 list of large employers.