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Desired Skills & Experience: • Proven ability to drive sales in the software & product platform sectors. • Software sales experience, with knowledge of Social Media, Influencer Marketing and Digital Platforms. Experience in the Fashion & Retail industry and Media industry is a plus. • Excellent oral and written communication skills. • Willingness to go above and beyond with an unwavering work ethic. • Analytical as well as creative. • Ability to organize and execute. Position Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree. • 5+ years sales experience required, preferably with software or digital platform sales experience. About enter:new media: enter:new media (ENM) is a leading NYC-based social media agency focused on growing, activating, and optimizing social media communities for entertainment, fashion, and retail brands. Unlike other agencies offering social media services, ENM was designed from the ground up to deliver end-to-end social media capabilities encompassing Strategy, Outreach, Content, Analytics, Marketing, and Media. We take pride in our positive and entrepreneurial culture with a fun team of hard-working professionals. Individual career ambitions have a direct impact on the company’s success, and a true impact on the clients’ businesses we serve. Interesting Projects, Cool Atmosphere, Awesome Staff! • Offical/unofficial bar outings, concerts, happy hours, and lunches as a team • Office DJ/constant music • Holiday parties • Ugly holiday sweater day • Aardvark day • Superglue day (yes, we celebrate this holiday) Please send resume and cover letter: Subject Line: “New Business Development Manager MSPP”

  1. Listed: April 22, 2014 2:24 pm

    "Or do we assume that work can be sltauimting, fun, energizing, inspiring, motivating and meaningful?"Yes it can be. It would be nice if it was always thus, however..."I've tried both - and considering how huge the gap between the two is for me, I've decided that I will never again settle for anything less than work that makes me happy"...for most of us, the primary function of work is that it should generate sufficient money to support our families and enable us to do this things we truly enjoy. Enjoying work is important but it isn't the primary motivation for most people and not everyone is able to make a job they enjoy doing pay or to have the flexibility to alter their present job. Would you rather see your family starve than do a job which doesn't make you happy? What about the many jobs in the world that are, and will always be, boring, unpleasant, repetitive, dangerous and thoroughly unlovable yet are vital and need someone to do them? Should they remain because noone will *love* doing them? Blithely telling everyone to love their job can be a pretty smug, glib statement and is largely the preserve of those of us with sufficient education or financial freedom to have those sort of choices available to them. Here endeth the rant... ;-)