Orlando FL

Orlando Jobs - What You Need To Know

Orlando, with a metropolitan area population of over 2 million people, is a bustling city with an immense amount to offer. It has a huge range of attractions including Theme Parks, Water Parks, Fine Dining, Sport, Shopping and Entertainment. If you are interested in the employment situation in this important city then hopefully you will find the following Orlando Jobs information useful:

Jobs In Tourism

No analysis of Orlando jobs can be made without looking at the sector of tourism. With Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando and its fabulous weather for other types of vacations, there are a multitude of reasons why there are tens of thousands of jobs in this vital industry to the region. With the popularity of these attractions continuing to grow and the ever-increasing popularity of Orlando for Conferences, it is going to be a stable source of employment for the people of this city for a long time to come.

Government Employment

Unsurprisingly - as one of the biggest and most important cities in the State of Florida - the Government and its many necessary functions provide many jobs in Orlando FL. Together, the State of Florida Government and the Federal Government employ approximately 28,000 people in the city.

Healthcare Provision Jobs

Florida is a preferred retirement destination for many seniors from across the country and, as a result, the healthcare sector is booming in Orlando. Florida Hospital and Orlando Health employ over 30,000 people and offer huge employment opportunities for nearly any skill imaginable.

Wide Variety Of Jobs Available

Beyond the main 3 sectors of Tourism, Health and Government there are a vast array of different job opportunities available. For example, just a few of the Orlando-based companies with more than 1000 people employed include Marriott International, Siemens AG, Central Florida Investments, SeaWorld Parks, Subway Restaurants, United Parcel Service, Harris Corp and many others.

All in all, with the right skill set and commitment to your work Orlando can be a great place to find the right job and to build a great career.