Philadelphia PA

Massive job growth in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, the fifth largest populated city in America has excellent growth in all industry sectors. The city has fantastic arts and culture creating a magnificent tourist attraction. The presence of Liberty Bell hall adds glory to the city as a whole since it's years together. This metropolitan city provides an attractive home for many businesses and job seekers.

Philadelphia Jobs

The City of Philadelphia is home to many Fortune 500 companies creating a job seeker paradise. A wide scope of opportunities are available for the job seekers. With so many different industries in Philadelphia there is a large variety of jobs available for candidates who are looking for good job. Among these industries the health care sector stands atop the list of job providers.

Major companies in Philadelphia

Major world class companies based in Philadelphia are AmeriisouseBergen, AppLabs, AUS, inc, BDP international, Central European Distribution Corporation, Connect America, Leadnomics, Accolade, The FlexPro Group, Ticket Leap, Prudent Infotech , Transit systems etc. These major companies attract many people and talent from around the country to live and work here.

Job growth in Philadelphia

The job growth is incredible in Philadelphia when compared to other cities around the United States. The infrastructure and government policies in this city are favorable for many industries to settle here. The manufacturing industry seems to have the highest job growth when compared to other industries. New jobs posting are regularly occurring here as the need for manpower in different industries is growing tremendously.

Lucrative Salaries

The industries in Philadelphia offer attractive salaries based on your skills and qualifications. Excellent pay and perks attract large numbers of candidates here every year and hence many entry level and experienced candidates come here in search of jobs. The average salary per individual is relatively higher when compared to other cities in the US.