Phoenix AZ

Jobs in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is the capital of the US state of Arizona.It is Arizona's largest city and regarded as one of the best places to live in the United States. Since its founding in 1861, Phoenix has grown tremendously and has a population of 4.2 million people living in and around its metropolitan area.

There are many jobs in Phoenix as its economy is diversified and has a variety of both product and service industries. Numerous high tech and telecommunication companies have also relocated to Phoenix thus adding to the number of jobs in Phoenix, AZ. In addition, Phoenix is also home to the Arizona State University and Luke's Air force base with are large employers. Some of the other major companies located or headquartered in Phoenix include Wal-Mart stores, Banner Health, Wells Fargo, Bashas Stores, Honeywell international, Apollo group, Intel, US Airways, Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold, Target retailer, JP Morgan Chase and American express. Companies of this size regularly have numerous job vacancies.

Phoenix, which has a warmer climate, benefits greatly from seasonal tourism and recreation as many Americans visit the city during winter. This has lead to establishment of numerous hotels and recreational facilities e.g golfing courses,which result in job creations.

Warmer climates tend to be a draw for retirement communities and Phoenix is a very popular retirement destination. Retirees usually tend to use more services so jobs in the services industry are very popular can be very lucrative.

Some of the popular Phoenix jobs include administrative jobs, jobs in the tourism sector, entry position jobs and professional jobs. Working in Phoenix is very advantageous as not only do Phoenix companies pay relatively better, but also the cost of living in Phoenix is relatively cheaper when compared to other major US cities.

Despite the sluggish economic recovery in the US, Phoenix added 44,000 jobs in 2012 and with a positive job forecast for 2013, this number is expected to rise. Phoenix expects an influx of investments and projects to commence this year which will in turn translate to more jobs in Phoenix.