Seattle WA

Seattle Jobs and Surrounding Market Growth

The job market in Seattle looks great for people who have  expertise in specific areas. From technology to the health industry, the market is favorable for those who are willing to relocate.

Information Technology Industry

Technology is currently on the top of the list, specifically for people want a job as a software engineer, computer systems analyst or web developer position. In fact, brand name companies can afford to look for some of the most innovative and creative people on the job market today. Although the pay for these positions can vary greatly, the average pay is quite lucrative for many. For instance, the average pay for a software engineer in Seattle is approximately $90,000. The computer systems analysts pay is not far behind because they have an average salary of approximately $78,000.

Jobs in the HealthCare Industry

Another key and profitable industry in the Seattle area is the health care field. Optometrist, chiropractors, audiologists, physical therapists are all on the top list of their 12 best jobs. The demand for these job positions is high as well as the pay that is associated with each. For example, the average annual salary for a physical therapist is approximately $76,000, while the average salary for an Audiologist is approximately $67,000. Therefore, for those who are interested in working in the health field, these are excellent careers to pursue.

Jobs Creation

With the jobs being scarce in most areas of the country, job applicants can place Seattle as a viable option on the top of their list. In addition to showcasing their health and information technology careers, the unemployment rate (7.2%) is below the national average and the trend for the year 2013 is also going downward as well. Which means, when applicants are looking for additional job opportunities or upward mobility in their jobs, they should consider Seattle as one of the best places to be.